10 Garage Sale Mistakes You're Probably Making

yard sale mistakesWhether you call it a tag, garage, yard, or rummage sale, you can make a lot of money -- and also get ride of your stuff -- by holding a sale just outside your house. Take a look around your neighborhood and you are sure to see a lot of signs. Fall is a common time of year for people to clean out their old junk and try to make some cash off it. But not all garage sales are the same. 

Before you decide to spend the hours and hours of preparation and work it takes to hold a successful rummage sale, there are a few things you should know.

We highlighted 10 major mistakes many people make with their yard sales and also gave some tips on how to avoid making them yourself.


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1.) They don't use a cash box. We'd all like to believe the world is made up of good people with our best interest in mind, but we know that's not the case. Keep your cash in a belt or in your pocket. It could get stolen otherwise. This is a real scam people have used, so watch out!

2.) They don't invest in a pen to check cash authenticity. Another common garage sale scam is "paying" with a big bill that turns out to be counterfeit. They walk away with whatever cash change and you end up with a load of nothing. Invest in a pen to check your bills.

3.) They don't mark everything with the price. When people come to your sale, have your prices ready! Don't let them think you are TOO open to negotiation.

4.) They don't pay attention. Watch your customers. Don't zone out. stay aware the whole time you are selling to stop thieves and also to get the best prices on things.

5.) They don't know your purpose. Are you holding this sale to make money or to get rid of junk? Decide. And sell accordingly.

6.) They use a bad sign. Signs matter! Don't skimp on it. If you can be clever or cute, do!

7.) they don't organize things. Poor presentation leads to poor sales. Period. Learn it. Live it. Put your stuff out the way you would want to see it.

8.) They choose the wrong space. If you hold your garage sale in a far off location, people won't come. The crowd is pretty much the most important part of any sale. Make sure you get one. Also, hold it outside. People don't want to walk around your dingy garage. Promise.

9.) They don't check for recalls. You don't want to be selling a recalled crib. Or recalled baby equipment. Or anything that could pose a danger to people. Pay attention and throw away that which is deemed unsafe. Otherwise you will feel badly later.

10.) They don't invite other people. You want a crowd. So publicize! Use Facebook, make signs, have your kids tell their friends. Hang the signs in public spaces where you can. Plan in advance. The more people who come, the more money you make!


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