10 Foods You Can Grow in Your House All Through the Year (PHOTOS)

Adriana Velez | Sep 24, 2014 Home & Garden

lemon treeHope you're enjoying the last of your garden's treasures, because now that fall is here, it's time to say goodbye to homegrown fruit and veggies. It was nice knowin' ya! The growing season is definitely over.


True, growing most fruit and vegetables requires two things typically in short supply indoors: sunlight and space. So you're not likely to cultivate any prize beefsteak tomatoes and giant pumpkins in your house this winter, if that's what you were thinking. 

Though maybe you read our handy little primer on growing your own pumpkins, which is fantastic if you did, because now you won't have to spend a bundle on your Halloween jack-o'-lanterns! If not, save it for next year. Just know that you definitely CAN still grow fruit and vegetables right in your own home in the cooler weather. Here's how...

Click through the slides below -- wouldn't it be great to grow #5 & #10 in the kitchen instead of having to go to the store? 

grow food indoors

Image © iStock.com/mediaphotos © iStock.com/JZhuk