10 Morning Routine Tricks to Cut Down on the Chaos (PHOTOS)

morning womanLike many of you, I started the new school year with some resolutions. Number one on my list is to FIX my morning routine. No more rushing out the door like a madwoman, forgetting half the stuff I need. No more tantrum-throwing (by me or my son) becase we can't find something. No more tearing our hair out, no more tears. This year we will GET IT TOGETHER!

As a naturally disorganized and easily distracted mom who may or may not have ADD, I live and die by my systems. This fall I implemented a few that have been helping me kick some serious school morning butt. Here are 10 morning routine tricks and hacks that can make life just a little less crazy. Try them yourself and see!


How do you cut down on chaos in the morning at your house -- have you ever been able to fit in #4 or do #10?

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