Beyonce & Jay Z's Gorgeous 'New' House Makes Us Jealous of Blue Ivy (PHOTOS)

Liz Alterman | Sep 17, 2014 Home & Garden

Jay-Z and Beyonce rental

"Oh, why can't I be Blue Ivy?" was my first thought when I saw these amazing pics of the property Beyonce and husband Jay Z rented this summer.

The couple, who've recently been plagued by both divorce and pregnancy rumors, reportedly chose the super-modern mansion for their brief respite between solo tours and their widely publicized joint "On the Run" outing. And let me tell you, their rental house is a lot nicer than any home most of the rest of us could ever even dream of owning!

So, just what does $200,000 a month get you in the hills of northern Los Angeles? Let's take a look!

My favorite part of the home can be found in slide #2. Take a look at all the beautiful, breathtaking rooms, and then tell us:

What's your favorite thing about Bey and Jay's three-story rental home that's nicer than most of our actual houses??


Images via The Agency

  • Modern Mansion


    Image via The Agency

    Nestled on a little over an acre, this cool, white mansion was built by Milan-based developers and features three living rooms. That sounds perfect for holidays with feuding family members. Speaking of, maybe one is for Solange

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  • View From the Top


    Image via The Agency

    This view really allows you to appreciate the 16,000-square-foot, three-story mansion, doesn't it? Did I mention it's equipped with an elevator? Uh-oh. Hopefully there are no cameras in there!

  • Spacious Bedroom


    Image via The Agency

    Talk about a room with a view! Who wouldn't love sleeping high up in the hills in this luxurious lair? This is just one of seven bedroom suites. Seven! Imagine all the summer guests you could entertain -- or children you could have -- in a home like this one! 

  • Bright Kitchen


    Image via The Agency

    Just one of two kitchens, the clean, modern design of this room is in keeping with the sleek feel of the whole house. Another larger kitchen is used for catering when hosting parties. Must be nice, right? On second thought, cleaning two kitchens? No, thanks!

  • Stunning Pool


    Image via The Agency

    The infinity-edge pool and integrated spa would certainly be one of my favorite spots on this sprawling property. Just imagine the poolside playlists Beyonce and Jay Z probably compile for each other, their little girl, and friends!

  • Living Room


    Image via The Agency

    Look at the soaring ceilings in this spectacular living room! This home, on the market since May, is priced at $45 million, by the way. Interested?

  • Bathroom


    Image via The Agency

    This decidedly masculine bathroom boasts a walk-in shower and double sinks. The glass mimics the home's exterior, bringing the outside in. 

  • Home Gym


    Image via The Agency

    You'd feel particularly guilty not working out with this state-of-the-art gym right in your own house. Who needs a flat-screen TV to take your mind off the treadmill when you can enjoy those mountain views? If Beyonce is pregnant with Baby #2, she will have a great way to stay in shape without going far.

  • Living Room: Another View


    Image via The Agency

    It gets chilly in the hills in the evening. It must be warm and cozy relaxing by the fire in their living room, complete with a stunning view of the infinity pool.

  • Tennis, Anyone?


    Image via The Agency

    Game on! Perhaps this is how the music moguls stay in great shape. Blue Ivy may be a little young for lessons, but this lighted tennis court is definitely a great addition to the backyard. If you can even call it that. Wow. 

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