Pet Goldfish's Lifesaving Brain Surgery Cost Owners Hundreds of Dollars (VIDEO)

goldfish surgery

Ask just about any devoted dog or cat owner where they'd draw the line when it comes to what they would spend on their pet's care, and they'll likely tell you they would do everything within their means for their beloved companion. So why shouldn't a beloved goldfish get the same care?

That's the question one couple from Australia must have asked themselves when they chose to spend hundreds of dollars to have their 10-year-old pet goldfish named George undergo "high-risk microsurgery" for a brain tumor. The fish had reportedly developed a huge growth on his head over the past year that required an urgent, life-saving treatment.


According to the fish's vet at Lort Smith Animal Hospital, Dr. Tristan Rich, George "was having trouble eating, getting around, and he was getting bullied by other fish." Poor thing!

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Dr. Rich also explained to local media that during the "intricate" operation, water from the goldfish's pond was brought in buckets and fed into a tube through George's mouth to keep his gills wet. It was also challenging to control the blood loss and close up the incision, as there "wasn't much skin to to deal with." Aw.

Sure, this surgery may sound crazy to those who don't understand the draw of a pet like a goldfish that doesn't offer obvious companionship like a cat or dog. But who are we to judge which animals deserve life-saving care and which don't? Who are we to judge this couple's attachment to their fish?

Considering that George is 10 years old, it's no wonder they're so attached. And given that the vet says the fish is expected to live another 20 years thanks to the surgery, there's no doubt it was well worth the expense!

Can you empathize with this couple? What's the most you've had to spend on a pet?


Image via Nicole Dorling, Lort Smith

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