Marriott's Plan to Get Tips for Housekeepers Infuriates Many People

tip your housekeeper

I don't love cleaning up after my own family, so I feel really uncomfortable when I think about other people having to do it. When the five of us stay at a hotel, I definitely try to keep our mess contained and I also make sure to tip our housekeepers. Generously. Apparently, that's not the norm. 

Starting this week, Marriott International is not-so-subtly reminding guests that just because you might not see your cleaning person, that doesn't mean you shouldn't show your appreciation for their efforts. Some of the chain's hotels are providing envelopes to encourage patrons to tip their room attendants

To me, part of the thrill of staying at a hotel is returning after a day of sightseeing or swimming to find those beds made and fluffy white towels awaiting. Because Lord knows that rarely happens at home! 


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But seriously, why wouldn't you tip your housekeeper? If you ordered room service, you'd tip the person who delivered it, wouldn't you?

If the bellhop brings up your luggage, you'd give him a gratuity certainly. (Or experience some long moments of serious awkwardness.) So, shouldn't you leave a little cash for the person who had to scoop up your wet towels, replenish all those tiny shampoos, and corral your growing collection of brochures featuring all the not-to-be-missed sites in your vacation city?

Let's face it: Cleaning is almost always a thankless job. Moms know that better than anyone! 

So, what's a good tip? The American Hotel and Lodging Association suggests guests leave housekeepers between $1 and $5 per night, and recommends doing so each day to ensure the person who's cleaning that day receives it. 

The whole purpose and acronym "To Insure Prompt Service" is that you're showing your appreciation for great service. If I ever returned to my hotel room and found it looking like a frat party had taken place there, I'm sure I'd be inclined to rethink leaving a gratuity. But, so far (thankfully), that's never happened. 

Another reason I like to tip is because, invariably, we leave something behind: a bathing suit, a shoe, a beloved stuffed animal. Many times I've had to call the hotel to see if they could send us this stranded item. And what's the first thing they say? "We'll have to check with housekeeping."

It's in those moments while I wait on hold that I'm all the happier I left a tip! 

Do you tip your housekeeper when vacationing?

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