The CSA Box: An Eco-Friendly, Farmer-Friendly Holiday Gift

fruit, CSA box

Photo by Cafe Sheri

Support local farmers and the environment by gifting a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) box this holiday season.


Lots of farms nationwide box up their freshest goodies into weekly CSA deliveries, or as LocalHarvest calls them, “farm subscriptions.” You sign up, you pay a small price, and then you get the best, in-season goods from your local farm each week—usually produce but also sometimes herbs, flowers, nuts, eggs, milk, or meats. Some CSAs deliver right to your home and others have a specified local drop-off site where you pick up your box. Many farms also include recipes and suggestions for preparing your harvest.

My family tries to eat locally whenever we can, and we have a CSA box delivered every other week. It’s good for the planet, for the community, and for the pocketbook. Plus, fruits and vegetables ripened to perfection, rather than picked too soon and shipped, are better for your body and your palette. The more local foods (and products) we all buy, the less fossil fuels we're burning through as a nation.

A one-time CSA box or a subscription is a great healthy and eco-friendly gift idea for friends and family on your list. Perfect for busy families or elderly who may have a tough time getting to the farmer's market.

For the CSA near you, visit LocalHarvest.

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