Teresa Giudice's Mansion for Sale: Let's Pretend We Live There! (PHOTOS)

Liz Alterman | Sep 12, 2014 Home & Garden

Teresa and Joe Giudice's home

Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice and her husband Joe are awaiting possible prison time after pleading guilty to a multimillion-dollar fraud scheme. But they might lose something other than freedom: their house.

The couple put their $4 million mansion up for sale, and YOU can now peek inside, drooling at the opulence or scoffing at the ostentatious display of wealth. It's not exactly kid-friendly, though. How the heck did Tre and Joe live there with four young daughters? Sidebar: But how gorg is the girl's bedroom?

The pair could go from this big house to the big house after Joe was accused of hiding assets and income -- which would have been easy to stash away in this six-bedroom, six-bathroom manse on three acres of land! So without further ado, let's take a look at the home that Fabellini and fraud built and fantasize about life as a Housewife.

Teresa & Joe Giudice

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Do you fantasize about living like a Housewife, and if so, which one? What does your dream house look like?

Images via Zillow.com; London Ent/Splash News

  • Driveway Leading to the House


    Talk about making an entrance! Love this sprawling driveway and you'd get plenty of exercise walking down to get your mail! Perhaps that's how Joe and Tre stay in shape! 

  • Double Cinderella Staircase


    Image via Zillow.com

    OMG! How amazing is this entryway! While Teresa has four daughters, I have three sons, and I can only imagine how much fun they'd have sliding down those gold-trimmed banisters! I'm sure they'd love to challenge Milania, the Giudices' precocious 8-year-old, to a race.

  • The View From the Top


    Image via Zillow.com

    Okay, now as a mom, this balcony would completely terrify me! I can just picture one of my kids dangling the other over the two-story railing demanding his iPod back. Or lassoing that chandelier with a bed sheet and doing a Tarzan move that would send us right to the ER. But look at that ceiling! Spectacular! 

  • Teresa Giudice's Kitchen


    Image via Zillow.com

    Mamma mia! This kitchen is friggin' gorgeous, as Tre would say. I wouldn't mind whipping up a batch of meatballs on that island the size of Capri!

  • The Dining Room


    Image via Zillow.com

    Imagine Teresa flipping that table? Fuggedaboutit! Must say I would love to host Thanksgiving in a dining room like this one!

  • Living Room


    Image via Zillow.com

    This living room really takes the family's motto "Be Fabulous" to new heights. Though I can just picture my own kids jumping on that couch in an attempt to swing from that crystal chandelier. 

  • Girl's Bedroom


    Image via Zillow.com

    What little girl wouldn't love to have a bedroom like this one? Is the cheetah-print sofa fun or a bit much? Love the sit-n-spin! Four little girls could have a blast in here. 

  • Wine Cellar


    Image via Zillow.com

    Could this be where Joe Giudice stores his homemade hooch? (The Fabellini must be kept in another section.) How pretty and authentic does this look? 

  • Master Bedroom


    Image via Zillow.com

    This is the bedroom floor where Teresa prayed for her family's protection in Sunday's episode. With the couple's sentencing set for October 2, we'll see if her prayers are answered!

  • The Office


    That's some office, eh? Can't help but wonder who won all those trophies lining the walls? Is Juicy Joe secretly a bocce champion? Maybe Andy Cohen can get to the bottom of this at the reunion?

  • Marble Bathroom


    Just as you'd expect, the master bathroom is marble upon marble! Wonder if Tre gets any time to take a bubble bath in that spacious tub? 

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