Woman Horrified to Learn She's Living in Missing Mom Susan Powell's Home

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Anyone who's moved into a new house with one or more kids knows what a massive undertaking it is. 

So, imagine, after getting completely settled in your home, you discover that tragedy surrounded the family that lived there before you?

That's what happened to a mom and her two children who rented a house in Utah without knowing that it once belonged to Susan Powell, a woman who disappeared mysteriously nearly five years ago. The mom of two was never seen again and her husband, who left the home in 2012, committed suicide after killing their sons in a house fire in Washington. 

It's no surprise that the new renter, Joanna Aeosana, told The Daily Mail that she believes the house is haunted and she wants out.

Can you blame her? She didn't even know the circumstances until her neighbors told her. How's that for a "Welcome to the neighborhood!?"


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Apparently the real estate company wasn't required to share any of those details with her, which, quite frankly, strikes us a bit unfair. If the house had belonged to a celebrity or a star athlete you can bet that would've been mentioned and the price jacked up accordingly, right?

But they're unwilling to let her out of the lease. Can you imagine? Where would you turn next? Granted, her family doesn't seem in any danger, but still, it would definitely give you a creepy feeling to think about what may have taken place there. 

I grew up in a town where a boy murdered his parents and their home sat on the market like a white elephant for ages. No one wanted to touch it, and because it was a high-profile case, unless someone came from another country, they would probably have heard about it. 

As a mom, it would unnerve me to think of my family in the same home where a possible murder had occurred, how about you? It seems unspeakable that you could be kept in the dark about such things, doesn't it? 

I have a neighbor who, before she moved in, saged her home by burning a small bunch of sage to cleanse it and remove any residual negativity from the property. At the time, other neighbors rolled their eyes, as the only "tragedy" that had taken place was the divorce of the previous owners. 

Still, if I were this woman in Utah, I think I'd take on the added annoyance and expense of moving just for peace of mind. How about you? 

Do you think renters or buyers should be told if a tragedy occurred?


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