Doctors Find Nearly 44 Socks Inside a Dog's Stomach -- CRAZY!


Have you ever wondered where all your missing socks go? It never fails -- every time I do the laundry, a sock or two just plain disappears. Is there a sock-eating monster living in the dryer? I can't explain my situation, but apparently one household does have a sock-eating beast under their roof. After a family rushed their sick pet to the animal emergency room, surgery revealed the Great Dane had 43 and a half socks in its stomach.

I'll let that sink in: THE DOG ATE NEARLY 44 SOCKS.

Maybe "ate" isn't exactly the right word -- more like swallowed.


So 43 socks. For a family of four, that's 10 socks per family member. Which means up to five pairs have been split up, though at this volume, the dog did probably end up swallowing a few full pairs. Regardless, that's a whole lotta socks.

And that begs the question: How did the family not notice the disappearance of 43 socks? It would take some time for an animal to chow down that many pieces, I would think. But then I don't have a dog. Maybe rapid consumption of socks is one of the many talents of Great Danes. Maybe this is the canine Kobayashi of socks.

While I'm asking questions, what is it about socks that makes them more delicious than, say, briefs? I get that their size makes them easy to swallow. But why ONLY socks? Is it the smell? Ew, I don't even want to contemplate that idea.

Finally, the truly gross question: Will the family wash and continue using the socks retrieved from their pet's belly? Just kidding -- of course they won't. Although I would not be thrilled with the prospect of replacing so many socks. Cha-ching! Not a fun expense.

No, actually, the real question should be: Is this poor pooch all right? Well, the 3-year-old dog endured over two hours of surgery and came out just fine. Back to its usual tricks, I'm sure!

What's the craziest thing your pet has ever eaten?


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