Organizing Your Kids' Toys Can Be Super Easy With This 1 Smart Trick


It's officially back-to-school time, and now that the kids are out of the house, it's also officially time to start organizing their toys. Organizing kids' toys might just be the most counterproductive task there is, but what if we told you there was one simple rule to follow that will help you organize those toys ... and keep them at bay?


Contain the toys. It sounds so simple, and you're probably already doing this, but keeping the toys organized and giving them a "home" is key. But how?

Group like toys together and use what you have to contain them, or buy boxes, bins, baskets -- whatever works for your space. But just because you have a basket or bin doesn’t mean you need to fill it. Be purposeful about it and only keep toys that are loved and used.

My favorite toy-organizing containers are open baskets. My kids can see what’s inside when they peek in, but to anyone else they just look like decorative baskets. We don’t use them for everything -- art supplies and such go in covered plastic bins or other accessible containers, and toys that are in bedrooms are typically in covered boxes so they can be put away in closets and stacked when they aren’t in use.

Take a couple of minutes to think through your toy storage before you start organizing. Determine what is working and what isn’t, and devise a plan before you move on to putting toys away.

After that, here's what you should do next: Gather any containers that are being used for toys. Set a timer for 10-15 minutes and get your kids to help sort and purge toys. Take what’s left and put them back in their baskets or bins. Label if needed and put the containers in easy-to-access spots in your home.

Making sure your kids are part of the process will help them take ownership of putting toys away. Taking a little time to organize and contain all their toys can make playtime more fun, but even better: Cleanup will be so much easier too!

How do you keep your children's toys organized?

Written by Becky from Clean Mama

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