10 Fabulous Falls Wreaths From $40 to FREE (PHOTOS)

Liz Alterman | Sep 22, 2014 Home & Garden

fall wreaths

Whether you're a mom who's all thumbs or one who's always packing a glue gun, chances are you're looking forward to decorating your home for fall. 

We've found some simple and stunning do-it-yourself autumn wreaths to get you in the swing of things. 

And for those who'd prefer to have the perfect harvest-themed accessories shipped right to your door, we discovered some affordable awe-inspiring alternatives for you as well. 

The following are 10 fall wreaths that range from store-bought options to DIY projects for craft mavens and novices alike.

fall wreath on a door

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Do you prefer to make a wreath or buy one? 


Images @iStock.com/KellyT; via Rebecca Siegel/Flickr


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