10 Brilliant Laundry Hacks That Will Zap the Toughest of Stains


Laundry hacksLaundry is one of those chores most of us loathe. Let's face it: There's not much to get excited about when it comes to lugging piles of clothing from your bedroom floor to your basement, dealing with stains of unknown origin and then, perhaps worst of all, spending hours re-folding it all, putting it back in the drawers and waiting for it to happen all over again. It's a bummer of a chore made worse depending on how many members of your family there are.

I know in my family of five, it finally became impossible to keep up with and we were forced to hire some of it out. For those who are unable (or unwilling to do that) there are hacks. SO MANY HACKS, in fact.

It's actually kind of incredible how many unique ways there are to get certain stains out using only household products. Anyone who does laundry on a regular basis will love these 10 amazing laundry hacks and tricks for getting stains out. Make sure to keep it handy for when you need it!


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1.) White Bread: One of the best ways to remove a lipstick stain from a white collar or any other part of a white shirt is by using white bread. It sounds crazy, right? In fact, it is genius. Basically you wad up the bread and dab it over the stain in a circular motion. Experts say this works. Cool, right?

2.) Hand sanitizer: Have you ever accidentally written with a Sharpie on your favorite sweater? How about had a pen explode from the bottom of your purse that left blue ink all over your T-shirt? Yes? Me too. It turns out the solution to that isn't just to stop carrying pens (or purses). In fact, it's hand sanitizer. Just use the stuff you probably have with you anyway, rub it over the stain, and launder as soon as you can. Voila! Bye-bye ink.

3.) Dry cleaning foam: If you use white deodorant, then you know the pain of putting on a black shirt only to find yourself with white streaks all over the outside. Well it turns out that problem isn't as bad as it seems. If you gently run the protective foam used on dry-cleaning hangers against the fabric, the white will come out. Magic.

4.) Dawn dish detergent: Most of us have husbands and most of them have white shirts. If you are like me, you have tried everything from bleach to expensive "miracle" products to remove stains from them. Now, it seems, all we ever needed was a mix of hydrogen peroxide and Dawn dishwashing soap. BAM! Done. Excellent.

5.) Dryer sheets: Yes, we know this is "technically" a laundry product, but what you may NOT know is that it is aces at getting out deodorant stains when you need to wear a shirt NOW and can't wait to wash it.

6.) Hydrogen peroxide: See above for how it mixes with Dawn, but peroxide is also good on its own. Just let it sit on a stain for half an hour and scrub, scrub, scrub. This is especially good on blood. Ciao, stain!

7.) Corn Starch: This is one you already have around the house that is PERFECT for getting out oil-based stains -- like olive oil or salad dressing or even motor oil. First treat the stain with corn starch. Let it sit for half an hour, wipe off the excess, and then soak in Dawn and hot water. Follow that up with laundry pre-treatment and call it a day.

8.) White wine: This is INSANE, but it is claimed that if you should spill red wine on clothing (anyone remember that scene from Can't Buy Me Love?), you should immediately spill white wine afterwards on the same spot. You will smell a bit, but supposedly that stain will be gone. Who knew?

9.) Baby powder: Use this to prevent those unsightly yellow stains from forming in the first place! If you can convince your hubby to smell like a sweet baby for a day, just put some in the armpits of his whites and watch the yellow...never form!

10.) Baby wipes: These are great for those deodorant streaks, but also as a pre-treatment for any kind of stain. If you are out and your kid gets grass stains, wipe them down with a baby wipe ASAP and then get thee to a washing machine. Those shorts may be salvageable yet!

Next time you get a stain, make sure to have this list handy and never ruin another piece of clothing again!

What's your favorite stain remover?


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