12 Surprising Uses for Baby Wipes Around Your Home

baby wipe uses

Here's some irony for you: Baby wipes might be better suited for cleaning the house than wiping your baby's butt. Ever wonder how those little miracle sheets cut through that black mystery gunk on your toddler's hands or make the spaghetti sauce on the rug disappear in a flash? A lot of wipes contain harsh chemicals like chlorine, as well as synthetic preservatives, that can can conquer poop and kill bacteria no problem, but can actually irritate skin when used too much, says Irina and Bill Webb, founders of IReadLabelsForYou.com.

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You might want to avoid overusing wipes on for your kid, or swtich to wipes made with plant-derived ingredients instead advise the Webbs. Then, keep your other stash on hand for some of these surprisingly effective uses for baby wipes around your home:


What are some of your favorite uses for baby wipes? 

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