12 Surprising Uses for Baby Wipes Around Your Home

Liz Alterman | Sep 2, 2014 Home & Garden

baby wipe uses

Here's some irony for you: Baby wipes might be better suited for cleaning the house than wiping your baby's butt. Ever wonder how those little miracle sheets cut through that black mystery gunk on your toddler's hands or make the spaghetti sauce on the rug disappear in a flash? A lot of wipes contain harsh chemicals like chlorine, as well as synthetic preservatives, that can can conquer poop and kill bacteria no problem, but can actually irritate skin when used too much, says Irina and Bill Webb, founders of IReadLabelsForYou.com.

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You might want to avoid overusing wipes on for your kid, or swtich to wipes made with plant-derived ingredients instead advise the Webbs. Then, keep your other stash on hand for some of these surprisingly effective uses for baby wipes around your home:

What are some of your favorite uses for baby wipes? 

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  • Shine Your Shoes


    Have you ever found yourself rushing off to a party or a wedding and those heels you haven't worn in ages are coated in a two-inch layer of dust? If so, grab a wipe and give them a quick shine! No one will ever suspect that they aren't brand new!

  • Makeup on Clothing


    Jolie Kerr, cleaning guru and author of My Boyfriend Barfed in My Handbook ... and Other Things You Can't Ask Martha, says baby wipes are her go-to stain remover when it comes to makeup. 

    "The thing about them is that they use a mild soap and are low-moisture, which makes them ideal for fabrics that don't love water, like silk, and on stains that shouldn't be flooded, like makeup, which can cause them to spread," Kerr explains.

  • Makeup Remover


    While they may work well removing makeup from clothing, the jury is still out when it comes to using them on your face.

    Many women swear by baby wipes to take off makeup at the end of the day but some beauty experts say this is a big no-no. Laura Mercier famously told Allure magazine that she cringes when she hears that women are using baby wipes on their faces. But beauty writer Petra Guglielmetti put some hypoallergenic, fragrance-free wipes to the test and found them just as good as leading makeup removing wipes. 

    Do you use these to remove makeup?

  • Clean the Dashboard


    One of my personal favorite uses for baby wipes is to give my car's interior a good dusting. From the steering wheel and gear shift to those dusty vents and dashboard, not only does it end up looking almost new, it smells great too!

  • Sealing Envelopes


    If you're paying bills, mailing invitations, or sealing a mountain of holiday cards and don't feel like sampling that funky taste that often accompanies licking an envelope, let your baby wipes do the job for you.

  • Clean Your Screens


    This is another gray area. Some swear by baby wipes to get those pesky fingerprints off screens, but true techies say a film can develop over time from frequent use. They advocate using a screen cleaner and lint-free cloth for optimal results. 

  • Tame Flyaway Hair


    Got a little static going on? Tame those flyaway hairs by simply smoothing them with a baby wipe. 

  • Keep Germs at Bay


    Especially during flu season, I like to give a shopping cart a quick cleaning with a baby wipe or two. Keep a small pack of them in a sandwich bag so you always have a few close at hand. 

  • Cleaning House Plants


    House plants add color and life to a room, but let's face it, they can also be major dust-collectors. Get those green leaves back to their original hue with a gentle wiping.

  • Clean Chalkboards


    Have some busy little artists at home? Baby wipes are great for giving your future Picasso a clean palate, er, chalkboard. Also, should things get a bit off course, baby wipes do the job when it comes to removing markers on walls. 

  • Freshen Up Those Plastic Toys


    Ugh. How many times have you hosted a playdate only to discover that your little guests have runny noses and what sounds (to the untrained ear at least) like the early stages of whooping cough?

    Despite not feeling well, chances are kids are still going to go right for the toys. Give your plastic playsets a good cleaning with baby wipes after your guests have gone home. 

  • Remove Hair Dye


    Baby wipes do the trick when it comes to getting hair color off your forehead and neck. Keep them at the ready to remove discolorations so you look out-of-the-salon stylish!


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