Frustration-Free Packaging: Tackles Wrap Rage

Say hello to Amazon Frustration-Free Packaging.

frustration-free packaging


Imagine a peaceful Christmas morning spent gathered around the Christmas tree WITHOUT someone going ballistic with a case of "wrap rage" over a toy bound up like Fort Knox in a box. And say buh-bye to the three billion twist ties lodged in your favorite rug.

Doesn't that sound spectacular? is now working with leading manufacturers to deliver products in easy-to-open boxes with less packaging that are, get this, recyclable! It's about time!

Maybe this Christmas morning mama can relax on the sofa with a hot cocoa and something good from her wish list instead of uttering lots of unrepeatable mumblings under her breath over a &#$@ seven-inch toy. Thanks,

+++ Be honest. Have you ever had a bad case of wrap rage?

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