How to Make Magical Tin Can Lanterns for Your Backyard (VIDEO)

DIY outdoor lanterns

As summer winds to a close (remember: there are still 21 days AFTER Labor Day!!), we are all in a rush to get through our bucket lists. This summer, I had a variety of projects on my roster, including my easy summer recipes and beautifying my yard. They all got done. And how. But I knew there was one project I really wanted to do before the weather turns chilly and we all take ourselves indoors.

That project? DIY Tin Can Lanterns.

It's a project that has been making the rounds on Pinterest for good reason. They look so magical glowing in a walkway at night or hanging from trees. Like twinkling summer fairies, they're perfect for a barbecue or end of the summer farewell blast.

For this craft, I gathered:

  • Soup cans
  • Markers
  • Hammer
  • Nails
  • Candles (battery-powered for the kid-friendly version)

After collecting my tools, I pulled my kids in to complete this craft with me.


DIY outdoor lanterns

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Watch the video below to find out if DIY tin can lanterns were a Pinterest win or a Pinterest fail for my family:

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Have you considered upcycling tin cans this way?

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