10 Alternate Uses for School Supplies (PHOTOS)

Liz Alterman | Sep 2, 2014 Home & Garden

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Are you among the many moms who feel that their back-to-school shopping bills rival the cost of a college semester? As if that weren't bothersome enough, what do you do with all those extra supplies that invariably end up where they shouldn't, like tucked behind the couch cushions or under your dining room table? 

Well, the days of dumping your cast-offs in a basement closet are over! Just because they're meant for school doesn't mean we can't put on our thinking caps and make the most out of those superfluous supplies. 

The following are some creative ways to repurpose your surplus!

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What do you do with all your extra back-to-school supplies?

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  • Pencil sharpeners as earrings


    Image via brickiton/Instagram

  • Binder doubles as a recipe book


    Image via Liz Alterman

    You bought multiple three-ring binders and now no one needs them. Is it worth that trip back to the store? Heck no. Dig out all those random recipes you've pulled out of magazines over the years and create your own cookbook. 

  • Erasers as earring backings


    Image via Liz Alterman

    Lost that earring backing and now live in fear of losing the earring? Not to worry. Pinch off a hunk of eraser and voila! instant fix!

  • Staples used to hem pants


    Image via thelegendofbruni/Instagram

    Who has the time, not to mention the near-perfect vision, required to thread a needle these days? Don't let that package of 500 staples go to waste! Get to work hemming those pants and skirts. (You're welcome!)

  • Colored pencil bracelet


    Image via Natalie Mitchell/Flickr

    You knew those colored pencils were too cute to just chuck. Consider turning them into these charming accessories!

  • Pencil as hair accessory


    Image @iStock.com/Wavebreak

    Misplaced that hair clip again? Grab one of the many No. 2 pencils you've got sitting around and give yourself an updo in a flash. 

  • Rubber bands as sandwich labels


    Image via Liz Alterman

    One kid takes ham, another likes tuna, and a third prefers peanut butter. But when they're all in the fridge and everyone's grabbing to fill those lunchboxes, how can you tell the sandwiches apart? Bust out those rubber bands and label your lunches! 

  • Color pencils used to craft a vase


    Image via Ziploc/Facebook

    Find an old coffee can, surround it with your extra colored pencils, and fasten with those rubber bands that are bouncing out of your junk drawer. This adorable DIY pencil vase brightens up kitchens and playrooms alike. 

  • Post-It notes as memory device


    Image via Corbis

    How many times do you leave the house without the dry cleaning or several other items you intended to return or deliver? Place some of those extra Post-Its on your door and you won't forget a thing! 

  • Hand sanitizer as paper cut finder


    Image via jenniferscoots/Instagram

    Not only does your hand sanitizer clean and disinfect, it can also help you rediscover that nasty paper cut you suffered, probably at the hands of the mountains of loose leaf papers you recently purchased to fill those extraneous three-ring binders. In case you've run out of lemons and need a real jolt, give this a try. It's guaranteed to wake you up faster than a double espresso!

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