'Haunted' House for Sale -- Complete With Blood on the Walls! (PHOTOS)

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haunted house detroitSo, you're looking for a house in the Detroit area because you hear they're ridiculously cheap. And this one catches your eye. It's probably a fixer-upper, but it's a 2,084-square-foot, 4-bedroom brick colonial -- for only $19,500! You HAVE to take a look, right? This is so worth considering. There's just one little thing. According to the listing, it was "previously a Halloween haunted house."

No big deal, right? Yeah ... well, maybe you should see some photos first. Let's just say, the seller is "highly motivated" to sell but couldn't be bothered to stage the house.

Maybe you should sit down.

haunted house detroit

So, is it me? Or are the words "YOU WILL DIE" scrawled on the wall in blood along with bloody handprints? I mean, haha, obviously it's just red paint. I know that! But yeesh. That's creepy. They must have just forgotten to repaint this room. I can understand that. They were probably in a hurry to list this house. Let's see some of the other rooms.

haunted house detroit

Hmm, well, I guess you'd have some plaster work to clean up here. And the bars on the window aren't very warm. Ceiling needs to be redone. And -- ew, what's that on the door to the right? Bloody handprints? Bloody hell! Honestly, couldn't they have painted over that before taking this photo? I'm afraid to see the other rooms.

haunted house detroit

ZOMG!!! First of all, this room looks like a crime scene. Secondly, is it a kitchen or a bathroom? That's almost as scary as the fake blood. And what's up with the random staircase? Where does it lead, and what's inside the doorway? Never mind, don't tell me. Whatever it is, I don't want to see it.

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Well then. Good luck selling this house! I think spending a couple hundred and an afternoon to do a little emergency repainting could have made the difference between selling at $19,000 and not selling at all. But then, I'm one of those crazy people who doesn't like seeing the words YOU WILL DIE on the walls of my future home, you know? But maybe this listing will draw a more adventurous sort who's not so picky.

h/t Salon

Would you buy a house that was previously a Halloween haunted house, repainted or not?


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Well you'd definitely would have money left to do a remodel but,alas...It's Detroit,no effing thank you.

nonmember avatar myop

That's not blood, blood dries BROWN

Erin Butcher

Im with prima...if it was in my town i would probably snap it up and fix it, but not in detroit lol. 

Deborah Siehl

what is wrong with detroit? I have never been there.


adamat34 adamat34

I'm with everyone else lovely woodwork crappy city . If it were in a small quaint town Absolutly !!!

nonmember avatar kayla

Nothings wrong with the city. Its the residents . That are crappy. Lol fr tho

Amanda Cave

id buy it and flip it as fast as i could

the4m... the4mutts

And why the fuck did it have to be DETRIOT??? Gah!! I would buy this in a heart beat!

I've been waiting and holding out the money I've saved to buy a vacation/second home in another state, with good "bones", cheap, and needs some work. My husband is an electrician, and would love to travel and resume work on power plants. But he doesn't want to leave us here. This house itself would be perfect!!

But not Detroit. No thanks.

nonmember avatar Tickles126

The house isn't $19,000 because of the way it looks, it's because of the city. And the bars on the windows are a necessity for some areas. I'm born and raised there and I miss every aspect of it! If you've never lived there don't talk sh** about it because you've "watched CNNs clips about the dying city".... You have no idea what kind of greatness still lurks in the creepy corners of that run down gorgeous city. I miss it every day.

hopea... hopealways4019

Racist people saying they wouldn't buy in Detroit..smh

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