8 Plants You Can Grow Inside AND Outside (PHOTOS)

8 Plants You Can Grow Inside AND Outside (PHOTOS)

geraniumDo you ever look over your garden in the summer and wish you could bring it all indoors for the winter? I miss the green like crazy once it gets cold out. Of course, there are house plants. But if you're feeling like you may miss some of your favorite outdoor plants, good news. Many plants are fairly flexible about living indoors or outdoors. 

To thrive indoors, most of these plants will need full sun. If you don't have a large window space, especially a south- or west-facing window, special florescent plant lights will work, too.

garden plants as house plants

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  • Geraniums


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    Keep your potted geranium blooming all year round. Just before the first frost, bring it in and keep it in a sunny, south-facing window. I wouldn't dig geraniums out of the ground or a large planter to do this since they don't like having their roots disturbed. But if you've got a geranium plant in a pot you can move indoors, that should work.

  • Jasmine


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    Fragrant jasmine vines will grow indoors or outdoors. Either way, make sure yours gets plenty of light in the spring and summer. They give off a heavenly smell for your home.

  • Begonia


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    Some varieties of begonia will thrive inside and outside. They like humidity, so mist your begonia regularly, especially through the dry, winter months.

  • Fuchsia


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    Bring these gorgeous, bright-colored flowers inside just before the frost and keep them in bright light. Fuchsia may stop flowering through the winter, but that's okay. They're just getting their rest.

  • Herbs


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    If you've loved having fresh herbs through the summer, you can keep that going through the winter by bringing them indoors. Some do better inside than others. Keep them well trimmed and in full sunlight.

  • Lettuce


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    Why not grow greens inside? It's how many of the greens we eat are grown, anyway. It is a bit more of a production to grow lettuce indoors, but if you have the space, it's fun to have your own salad all year long.

  • Boxwood


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    I had a little boxwood shrub die on me over this especially cruel, harsh winter. I wish I'd brought it indoors! They'll usually winter over. But you can bring them inside. They prefer containers anyway, and hardly need any fussing.

  • Peppers


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    Keep yourself extra warm through the cold months by growing hot peppers indoors. Those bright colors are nice to have around, too.


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