8 Ways to Give Your Porch & Deck a Makeover (PHOTOS)

Improve your porch or deck

Your front porch isn't only important because of its potential to lend great curb appeal to your home. It can also make or break that all-important first impression when new guests visit. And your deck can offer a much-needed "wow!" factor to an otherwise lackluster backyard. 

With the help of a few simple items, the front porch and back deck can serve as welcoming outdoor rooms as well as an oasis of sorts during the mild weather months. 

"It's really important that you think of your outside living area as an extension of your indoor space," explains interior decorator Ellie Mroz of Michael Robert Construction. "You should keep a cohesive feel and overall aesthetic between the two spaces so it flows well and you feel comfortable moving from space to space."

Making the most of these areas may be easier than you think. 

Consider adding one or more of these 8 features to reinvent your front porch and back deck!


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Have you made any changes to enhance your outdoor living space this season? 

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