12 Poisonous Houseplants to Avoid If You Have Kids (PHOTOS)

caladiumYou've probably seen all of the houseplants in this slide show. They're all lovely -- and they're all poisonous. When I talked with landscaper Lisa Cangialosi of When In Bloom about protecting kids from plants, she told me something a little shocking: Poisonous houseplants can sometimes be more toxic than garden plants. Fortunately, most of them cause so much pain in the mouth your child is not likely to swallow them as well.

That doesn't mean you shouldn't keep any of these poisonous houseplants in your home at all. Cangialosi recommends you keep them well out of reach of babies and small children. For that matter, you should make sure your pets can't get to these plants, either, as they can be harmful to animals as well.

If your child does happen to eat or taste any of these toxic houseplants, the New York Botanical Garden recommends contacting your local poison control center. Find out how much your child ate and watch for any adverse symptoms.


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How many of these plants do you already have in your home?

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