8 Things in Your Closet to Throw Out Right Now!

Liz Alterman | Jul 31, 2014 Home & Garden
8 Things in Your Closet to Throw Out Right Now!

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If you've been putting off cleaning out your closet because you don't know where to begin, we hear you!  

Personal stylist and closet makeover maven Elaine Wang Yu of Simply Chic Styling acknowledges that going through your wardrobe can be a daunting task, which is why she suggests breaking it down into "manageable chunks."

"Start by looking at all your sweaters and T-shirts," Wang Yu advises. "Then the next day, take a look at your shoes or workout clothes. Break it into sections because trying to tackle the entire closet at once is overwhelming."

Wang Yu says as you go through your clothes, you may find yourself on the fence about whether a piece should stay or go. The stylist shares her insights into how to make those decisions a little bit easier. 

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"If it falls into any of those categories, move it out or donate it," the stylist advises. "If you're still unsure about a piece, reverse the way it hangs in your closet. Give it one year. If it's still hanging that way a year from now, it's got to go." 

How often do you clean out your closet? What's the hardest item to part with? 

closet makeover

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  • The Stained



    These items are sending the wrong message and need to go, Wang Yu says. If you've been promising yourself that you're going to bleach that once-white cami but it's been sitting on your dresser for a year not moving any closer to the laundry room, ditch it. With so many affordable pieces available, replace stained items, she suggests. 

  • The Damaged


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    If something has a hole in it or a button is missing, toss it. "You're never going to find that exact button," Wang Yu says. 

  • The Ill-Fitting



    Do you find yourself slipping into that comfortable nursing bra despite the fact that your baby is headed to kindergarten? That's not a good look. If it doesn't fit correctly, it needs to go.

  • The Outdated


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    Remember those suits you wore to work 20 years ago? They're pretty easy to spot thanks to their enormous shoulder pads. It's time to say good-bye to those big blazers too. Sorry. 

  • The Unflattering



    Have a pair of cropped pants that are flared at the bottom? Let's face it: Those aren't doing you any favors. Toss 'em.

  • The Duplicates


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    No one needs 15 pairs of jeans. Hone it down to a good group. Keep the pairs you might wear to your kids' baseball games and your dressier styles. If you're hanging on to some because you may wear them camping next year, donate them now.

  • The Not-Age-Appropriate


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    That Elmo T-shirt? It's not for you, it's for the kids. Anything with bows, rainbows, or unicorns is no longer age-appropriate, Wang Yu says. Leave those styles behind. 

  • The Uncomfortable


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    Whether it's clothing or shoes, if it's uncomfortable, it shows in the way you carry yourself. We've all bought super-cute shoes for a wedding, but if they hurt your feet after a couple of hours, that pain is going to show on your face. There's really no need to hang on to something that hurts you.


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