Shocking Furniture Designed to Smell Like Owner & That's Not the Worst Part

furnitureMost people want their home to be a reflection of themselves -- but not literally! Yet that's exactly what London-based artist Gigi Barker had in mind when she designed a line of funky furniture that looks -- and smells -- just like its owners. Say what??

In what seems like a super-human or super-weird undertaking, Barker, as part of her 'Body of Skin' project, has created chairs that mimic the look and feel of human skin. But that's not all -- their silicon-base fabric is infused with human pheromones and aftershave! And the matching footstools -- hope you're sitting down -- resemble human testicles! 


human skin furniture

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While we definitely have to give Barker points for creativity, I'm not sure I'd want these scented half-toadstool-half-testicle-looking pieces gracing my living room, how about you? 

Not that these flesh-colored mushrooms-on-steroids wouldn't be a heck of a conversation-starter, right? And while it's definitely fun to picture your in-laws sitting in these (and trying to hoist themselves out of them) on Thanksgiving, I'm still going to pass, which is for the best because, apparently, simulating human skin doesn't come cheap.  

A single skin chair retails for $2,550 and its scrotum-inspired complement sells for $775. 

In an interview, Barker, who noted the collection is a hit with babies, said she wanted to create pieces that weren't instantly recognizable as chairs. I'd say she certainly accomplished that, but I'm still going to say no thanks.

human skin furniture

What do you think of Gigi Barker's human-inspired chairs? Would you buy them? 


Images ©; Gigi Barker/9191

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