6 Steps to a Fog-Free Bathroom Mirror (PHOTOS)

bathroom mirrorThere is almost nothing in the world more frustrating than stepping out of a perfect shower only to find that your bathroom mirror is completely fogged. Okay, so that might be a SLIGHT exaggeration. Mirror fogging is hardly a matter of national importance. But the fact is it really is one of life's little annoyances and one of those things you often wish you could find an easy way to combat.

The answer, my friends, is so much simpler than any of us could have imagined. It turns out, something you already have in your bathroom can stop the foggy mirror blues once and for all. It's as basic as a bar of soap and a towel. I've tried it. It works!

Defogging your bathroom mirror is an easy six-step process. Wait 'til you see how it's done ...


fog-free bathroom mirror

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