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9 Things in Your Fridge You Should Throw Out Now (PHOTOS)

woman looking through her fridge for old food
What horrors lurk within your refrigerator? Are there foods well past their prime crouched, ready to unleash food poisoning upon you and your family? Well it's time to drag them out and banish them forever. Most of us have at least a couple things in our fridge that should probably go -- I know I do. And it's easy to lose track of what's fresh and what's not, especially if you're busy. But it's worth the time and effort if you can pin down just 10 minutes to screen your fridge for these food safety red flags and throw them away.

things to toss from your fridge

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According to this me and quite few other people should have been pushing up daisies a long time ago---like decades ago.

nonmember avatar Jess

Dear Author, you are an idiot. I assumed someone who wrote about food for a living would actually know a thing or two about it... my mistake. Please, get an education on the subject for which you make money pretending to know about. Thanks.

nonmember avatar Melissa

Oh please! I've ate left over pizza that sat out all night, on more than one occasion. I'm still here to tell about it! People are so paranoid and afraid of everything. Your body has defense mechanisms and if you never let your body do it's own work, you'll be constantly sick and have a weak stomach. Get real people. Half of these things aren't really all that bad.

iamna... iamnameless

I thought everyone knew these things.

Morri... MorriganzMommy

I learned things last longer than Im giving them. If I dont use food that day it usually gets tossed. Do people actually keep open canned food? I dont even like eating canned food but what I do I eat and toss all leftovers. Left over dinner is next day or its tossed. Leaving out more than 2 hours though. Im guilty of that. More so DH, he will make something and leave everything on the counter.

indig... indig0rose

Some people are so wasteful.

nonmember avatar Amber Steinfort

The gross part is all of these the Coloma grocery store does not pay attention to. I used to work in the deli and meat from the meat department that was several weeks old was cooked and served to customers. And produce (fruit and veggies) are given to the bakery and deli by the produce manager to use in 'fresh made' salads. The deli is told to slice just the mold off and if its soft and rotting veg cook it in a lunch special and soft rotting fruit and zucchini is given to the baker to make bread or dessert out of (which mostly contains cream cheese and left room temp shelf for a week). The practices there sickened me and i argued A LOT which got me fired.

Tree Ethington

O M G how on earth can anyone read this? It's adz up the arse. If that's not bad enough it's whack a mole with the annoying music ads. wow... unlike.

nonmember avatar krystian

Thais makes me laugh.

I've eaten pizza that was out over night, covered of course.

I do not pit my twins baby food into other containers because I don't know how much they will eat.....sometimes they will eat the rest. And sometimes they don't.

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