Remove Your Stuck Ring Easily With Just a Piece of String! (VIDEO)

Adriana Velez | Jun 24, 2014 Home & Garden
Remove Your Stuck Ring Easily With Just a Piece of String! (VIDEO)

ringSo, you've got a ring stuck on your finger. It happens to all of us -- especially with wedding rings during pregnancy, but also any time your finger suddenly swells for whatever reason (hello, hot weather!). So how the heck do you get your stuck ring off without having to cut it off?

There are many home remedies for loosening a ring, like lubricating everything with butter or margarine. But if you'd like a less messy, quicker at-home method, try this string trick for removing a stuck ring.

The video is seriously pretty amazing to watch -- no wonder it's gone viral and has blown up on Facebook! -- and it's so simple an idea we can't stop sharing it with everyone we know! You've got to see how it works ...

Did you catch all that? Let's slow it down -- here's how to remove a stuck ring step by step.


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  • Use Tweezers to Thread String Through Ring


    First, use tweezers to thread some string (or dental floss) between the ring and the finger. They use small pliers, and it may take that. But I would try tweezers first.

  • Wind String Around Finger


    At first I thought -- oh, so then you just yank on the string and pull it off. Done! NOPE. Do this instead: Wind string tightly around finger, working your way up toward the tip.


  • Tuck String in Coil


    Once you're about halfway up finger, tuck the end of your string in the coil. Um ... is it me, or is that person's finger turning disturbingly purple? Is this method safe??? (Answer: Yes, don't worry. It is. Just don't wind the string too tightly so you're cutting off circulation or anything.)

  • Unwind From Other End


    Now grab the other end of the string, unravel, and -- OMG, watch that ring finally start to budge and slide off!

  • Ta-Da!


    The ring comes off easily, and all is right in the world again! Whew. That looked like a close one. So what do you think ... will you try this at home the next time you have a stuck ring situation ... or do you have a few tricks of your own up your sleeve? If you do, please share in the comments!

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