Man Uses Swiffer to Shoo Owl From His House in Video You HAVE to See (WATCH)

owlA shocking video of a Swiffer Floor Mop being used to help a man remove an owl that had nested in his doorway is destined to be the cutest -- or most terrifying -- thing you see all day.

It all depends on how you feel about owls.

Here's the story: A man finds an owl -- a LIVING owl -- hanging out in his kitchen (OMG!). He becomes a wee bit hysterical. He grabs his Swiffer mop (as one does) and miraculously uses it to remove the bird gently and efficiently. Say what?!

Even more miraculous? The whole thing was caught on video ... which has since gone viral. See below:


Those eyes! They haunt!

Terrifying owl aside, you have to hand it to the Swiffer. It can grab the dust bunnies collecting under the coach, clean the cobwebs in the corner of your bedroom, and can ALSO be used to gently coax an owl from what appears to be a comfy spot.

True story.

In the end, the whole operation was a stunning success and, perhaps most impressive of all, the man was able to remove the owl AND video tape it at the same time.

Now please pardon me as I rush to the store to buy a Swiffer.

What would YOU do if an owl were trapped in your home?

Image via Edgar Barany/Flickr

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