Cat Welcomes His Military 'Dad' Home With Dramatic Leap of Joy (VIDEO)

I don't know about you, but when I think of cats' relationship to their owners, certain words come to mind. Words like aloof, stoic, and indifferent.

Cats are the kind of pet that seems generally disinterested in people (that is, unless they want something), while dogs are known more for their love of their masters. There's a reason why dogs are called "man's best friend," after all. But cats can surprise us. They can be just as loving and caring as the average dog.

This clip of a long-haired kitty waiting for his military "daddy" to come home proves it.


Somehow the cutie pie just senses that he's about to walk through the door. The cat paces and meows loudly. He knows exactly what he's waiting for, it seems.

But it really gets good around :59, when the soldier walks in -- in full military fatigues. The adorable cat leaps a good four feet into the air and right into Dad's arms. Dad hugs and kisses him. He purrs. All is right in the world.

So often these touching military pet homecoming videos show dogs, not cats. But this beautiful, super sweet scene proves once and for all that dogs don't have a lock on human friendship.

Do you have a cat? Does it show signs of compassion?

 Image via hehaden/ Flickr

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