Massive Duck Stampede Takes Commuters by Complete Surprise (VIDEO)

ducksThere are a few things we can count on in life, and being brought to a halt during our morning commute because of a duck stampede isn't one those things. Jack Sarathat was on his way to work recently when he was forced to stop his car because, literally, about 100,000 ducks took over the road. The birds, all moving and stopping in unison, flooded a street in Nakhon Pathom, which is about an hour west of Bangkok. The crazy incident was caught on film, and naturally, it's gone viral, quacking people up across the globe.

Check out the weird, adorable, unbelievable video of thousands upon thousands of ducks stampeding a street.


Imagine coming across something like this on your way into the office? Nuts! But what a sight. Did you notice how they all even slowed down together at one point? Pretty amazing. Wonder where these guys are headed to? Or, more so, from (a restaurant)? Regardless, just glad that no people, cars, or animals were injured during the stampede.

Adorable. And also kind of scary.

What would you do if you came across 100,000 ducks swarming the streets? (Besides run like hell!)


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