'Lazy Cat' Lounges in Chair Like a Baby & OH THE CUTENESS! (VIDEO)

I'd like to come back in my next life as a cat. Specially, this cat. The orange tabby is filmed for two minutes sitting in a chair. And that's it. Unlike Tara the "hero cat," he doesn't save anyone's life. Nor does he bop his head around to "Turn Down the What." He's no Maru and doesn't stuff himself into any boxes. He just sits. And sits. Oh, but how magnificently he sits. Check it out:


So yeah, how about that sitting? All this guy needs is a beer and a game on TV, and he's basically your husband.

Even when his friend comes by and is all, "You gonna just sit here on your fat lazy ass all day?" he's all, "........"

I've actually never seen a cat sit in a chair, let alone for two minutes straight. For awhile I suspected he was being held in the chair by tape or string or something, but by the end, after he finally lolls off his chair, it's clear he just was sitting there all by his own volition. Yep, he's just that lazy.

But maybe he wasn't really just lazy. Perhaps he was meditating on the complexities of the universe. Perhaps he was pondering the Big Bang theory. Perhaps he was just remembering that time he got into the cat nip jar. Perhaps he'd already gotten into the cat nip jar.

Let's face it, when you're a cat, even sitting in a chair doing zilch is adorable. Don't think you can get away with that, husbands.

Is your cat this lazy?

Image via Shironekoshiro/YouTube

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