How to Have a Winning Summer

family summer Ah, how I savor the sounds of summer! Lawnmowers roaring to life as landscapers rev their engines at the crack of dawn, neighbors chattering on sidewalk stoops as they take their evening strolls, and best of all, the distant din of a backyard barbecue.

As I hear them squeal, I picture kids running under the garden hose, playing an old-fashioned game of Corn Hole Toss, eating burgers slathered with ketchup, and slurping down massive amounts of lemonade from their plastic Dixie® cups.


Summer is about fun and food and friends and family. Summer tells us it’s okay to lounge about, to relax in the backyard, and to invite the neighbors over for an impromptu barbecue. We stop worrying about our messy houses and focus on the outdoors, tending to our tomato plants, pruning roses, and watering our lawns to keep them from turning brown in the baking sun. Pressures of work seem to lessen as bosses take their vacations and workdays get shorter. People are friendlier and happier and more willing to lend a helping hand. Summer is slower somehow, but no season goes faster. 

Dixie® loves summer as much as I do. After all, their products perfectly pair with outdoor dining. And to show just how much they appreciate summer, they are offering the Dixie Ultra ® Savor Summer Sweepstakes through Facebook! It’s easy to enter and as much fun as a summer sweepstakes can be.

Dixie® has broken the summer into three monthly themes: Outdoor Eating, Water Play, and Outdoor Sports. Simply visit, click on the Savor Summer tab, and “like” the Dixie® Facebook page. From there, follow the prompts to enter and send in a photo of your summer fun as it relates to the theme of the month. You can also enter by mail, but entering by Facebook is a whole lot easier.

To keep your summer sizzling, Dixie® will host three drawings, giving you lots of chances to win fun prizes like an outdoor grill, an inflatable family raft, or a gift card to a sporting goods retailer. Plus, you can win a year’s supply of Dixie® products, which is something I certainly can’t pass up!

Remember to savor the summer. It comes and goes way too quickly. But as you enjoy it, take some pictures and capture the moments to enter the Dixie Ultra ® Savor Summer Sweepstakes. Who knows, maybe you’ll win and make this summer one to really remember!


Image © Dixie Consumer Products LLC

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