Adorable Beagle Plays Better Soccer Than Ronaldo (VIDEO)

With the World Cup just around the corner, get ready for the next great soccer star -- no, it's not Balotelli or Ronaldo. It's a Beagle named Purin, and she plays for Japan. Or really for YouTube, where she's already a star baller. Purin already has over 40 videos of her catching a ball like a pro, but the latest might be the cutest and most impressive.


Purin, on a soccer field, is repeatedly kicked a ball, and like a great goalie, he manages to stop every shot. He even knows how to play on his front legs. Check it out:

Soccer (or football as it should be called) fans weighed in with comments like:

- Watch your back, Neymar ...

- Still better player than Ronaldo

- Still better than Pinto ...

- The new Messi

- Messi aint that good a goalie

Someone else groused that they couldn't even housebreak their Beagle and that Purin must be a Golden Retriever in disguise.

Either way, Purin is adorable and quite talented. She lives in Tokyo and, at 9 years old, is no spring pup! She's like the Beckham of Beagle soccer. According to her Facebook page, she didn't like to play with people until she was about 2 years old. Now she knows 70 tricks and is under contract as a talent dog.

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Judging by her mad skills, USMNT might want to consider signing her up. Even though she's a she!

How cute is this? Will you watch the World Cup?


Image via Purin Kumagai/YouTube

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