Adorable Kittens Jam in Unison in Cutest Rap Video of All Time (WATCH)

Kitten JamPeanut butter and bananas. Margaritas and nachos. Cats and the Internet. Some things are just meant to go together, amirite? Take this adorable viral video of two cats getting getting down to a popular club tune.

As Lil' John's "Turn It Down For What" can be heard in the background, two foster kitties, Tulip and Daisy bob their heads in perfect unison. Now whether it's instinctively to the beat, or because someone is holding a can of tuna behind the video camera, I can't say. But it does make for some pretty entertaining video!


Well however their foster parents got these two adorable kitties to boogy down -- the result is spectacular. And according to their YouTube information page, they can be yours.Their human parents are only fostering, not adopting, and they say the beyond cute felines "will soon be available for adoption at the Animal Welfare League of Arlington, Virginia.

On a scale of one to eleven, how cute are these kitties?

Image via Katz/YouTube

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