Co-Sleeping With Your Pets Could Ruin Your Life

dog in bedYou know that phrase, "don't knock it 'til you've tried it"? Well, you're going to want to pull that phrase out of your back pocket, because I'm about to knock something many people hold dear to their hearts: Sleeping with animals. I'm not talking about co-sleeping with toddlers. I'm talking about sleeping with your dogs and cats. HOW? How do you do this? I can understand a small dog or a cat snoozing at the foot of your bed, on top of the covers. But people who sleep with their pets next to them, under the covers. Ugh! That sounds like the worst -- and I'm not the only one who thinks so. Science backs me up.

1. Co-sleeping with animals disturbs your sleep. A new survey found that 63 percent of people who sleep with their pets more than four nights a week have poor sleep quality. Doesn't matter if it's cats or dogs, animals will disturb your sleep. On the other hand, some people claim they feel comforted by the warm presence of their pets so close. Maybe it's worth the disruptions?

2. Sharing a bed with your pets can kill you. No really! The CDC says animals can pass on lethal diseases like MRSA when you sleep with them or let them lick you or when you kiss them.

3. Pets shed. So do humans, but we don't have hair all over our bodies. How do pet co-sleepers deal with this? Do you wash your sheets every day, or do you just get used to a hairy bed? 

4. Animals smell funky. No matter how clean they are, animals have a certain smell, and I do not want to sleep with that smell in my nose. But who knows, maybe pet owners love the smell of their animals. But dog and cat smell is not my idea of nighttime aromatherapy.

5. It's hard enough to sleep with other humans. I'm kind of a light sleeper, so when the person next to me rolls over, snores, even sighs sometimes, I wake up. Adding an animal to the mix just means more waking up. And if I had to choose between the two, I'm going with the human.

Do you sleep with your pets? Do you think it's a good idea?


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linzemae linzemae

We used to sleep with our dogs in bed. Then after I had a cssection I didn't want them anywhere near me! I couldn't stand their smell. Our bulldog snores. I sleep so much better without them in bed.

Wyatt... WyattsMom772

My cat sleeps above my head or at my feet.. I dont realize when she is up or not. She is indoor so she doesnt smell.

nonmember avatar Candy

I will always sleep with my little furry baby. Just be sure to wash your sheets and bathe your dogs regularly give them their shots and check ups and you'll be fine.

PinkB... PinkButterfly66

Yes I sleep with my cat nearly every night and have for the past 30+ years.  I wouldn't have it any other way, either.  He's my little white noise machine and actually helps me fall asleep.

poshkat poshkat

I love snuggling with my cat at night. She loves being under the blanket snug and secure. She was abused and neglected and she feels safe being close to the humans who rescued her. My son cuddles with his cat every chance he gets. My cats are cleaner and nicer than some people I know.

nonmember avatar Mojo

You must not be an animal lover. I've never ONCE heard of someone getting hurt or sick by sleeping with their pet.


There will always be some sad sap to tell us that everything that is a joy in life is bad for you: Mexican food, Chinese food, movie popcorn, meat, fish etc. Now pets who sleep with you. I'm convinced they are all mouth breathers.

berit berit

I call B.S. well cared for, clean pets have no more exposure to MRSA than any human. Your kid can also get you sick via kisses. Your body may not shed hair per day but you shed millions of gross dead cells daily.... what's the difference between that and fur?

Our dogs get a little foot rinse nightly, or every other night. They are bathed once a week. There free to cuddle whenever they'd like.

kaley... kaleyplummer

Yuck. I totally agree. I love my pets but they have their own beds and better stay out of mine. They are as clean as animals can be but they still lick their butts and step on fecal matter (litter box). If my humans did that I would kick them out of my bed too. :-) But that's just me.

Kelly Conner Varnadore

I am very allergic to dogs and cats, so they wouldn't even be in my house much less my bed!!

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