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5 Free Printable Campfire Games to Entertain Your Whole Posse

campfireIs there anything better than camping during the early summer months? The temperature is nice during the day and gets just cool enough at night. You have an excuse to gather your family around a roaring campfire and cook meals while exchanging terrible knock-knock jokes and just laughter in general.

But sometimes it can be tricky to find ways of keeping those younger campers in our parties entertained! There are only so many times you can send them to collect kindling for the fire before they claim slave labor. Never fear, for we are here! And we've brought with us 5 free printable campfire games perfect for the wee ones.

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1. Campfire Candyland

This game is GREAT. Print up as many versions of the board as you like. You can make each square a math equation, a riddle, or a piece of trivia. As much fun to create as it is to play! Winner gets first hot dog.

2. Camping Supplies

This great game has players competing to see who can collect the most "supplies" on a trip. But don't worry, everyone is a winner when there are s'mores to be had.

free printable campfire games3. The License Plate Game

Kids getting antsy on the ride out to the campsite? Print up this handy-dandy map, a copy for everyone, and soon they'll be so caught up in collecting different states, they'll be shocked at how quickly you all reach your destination.

4. Camping Charades

This one is super cute! A twist on the popular game charades, this printable features a list of camping-specific tasks that need acting out. Sure to have everyone in stitches.

5. Don't Eat Pete!

With a little help from this free printable board, you'll have the kids rolling all around with laughter. Line the board with marshmallows, chips, or any other snack. One player is sent away, the rest of the group decides which square is "Pete." The player returns and can eat any candy he wants UNTIL HE REACHES PETE! Person to go the longest without reaching Pete wins. And is also probably pretty full.

What are your favorite campfire games?


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elasmimi elasmimi

Our DVD player, lol. Actually we play the license plate game a lot. Never heard of Don't eat Pete.

johnn... johnny4ever

Never heard of some of them.

sanj1213 sanj1213

Been saying we want to camp. Thanks for sharing. 

Bob192 Bob192

These sound fun!  I'll have to use these when we go camping!

mrswi... mrswillie

It is family time roasting bagels. No games.

TheBa... TheBabyFactory4

Haven't been camping with my family yet. Did all the time when I was little. Gonna try to plan a trip like next yr.

TheBa... TheBabyFactory4

It's still too hot in June to camp here. Have to do it spring or late fall

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