Dog People Just Don't Measure Up to Cat People in One Major Way

cat people are smarter than dog peopleWhen I recently learned that a study had found that 'cat people' were smarter than 'dog people', I'd be lying if I didn't say I chortled. While I love dogs, I'm known for my passionate love of all things feline. I'll also take any excuse to have my ego stroked, and if loving cats means that I am some sort of evil super genius, I'll take that and run with it -- gladly. 

Sadly, upon closer inspection, the 'study' in question just barely holds up. It only polled 600 college students and, based on that data, determined that dog people were more extroverted and that cat people were more introverted. Their argument for both? Cats like to stay inside, so people who own them must also like to stay inside. Dogs, on the other hand, enjoy the out of doors -- so the people who own dogs must also feel the same way. I'm not sure any of that follows, really. 


Let's start with the whole 'cat people are more intelligent' argument. Well, I mean, I am no dumbo, but I would like to point out a major factor we're overlooking here. If we cat-lovers are so smart ... why do we own animals who live in our houses and poop in boxes therein? If we were really so smart, wouldn't we go for the dogs, who avail themselves of the great outdoors when it comes to potty time?

Also the introvert versus extrovert thing. I will admit to liking a little bit of time to myself. But I get antsy if I'm on my own inside for too long. I like to go outside and explore! I'll be honest -- if I could get my cat to go on a leash, he'd probably come with me. But since that's not possible ... I leave him at home. Additionally my roommate adores her dog, but she is the most-house-dwelling person I know. She has not met a couch she does not enjoy sitting upon. 

I think it's silly to make judgments about a person based on the animals they live with. Plus, this study totally discounts those folks who dig both dogs and cats. According to their logic, they are basically super-humans who will dominate us all. I'm not ruling out the possibility that cat and dog owners might share certain traits with each other, I'm just saying we need a littttttle bit more data.

Are you a cat person, a dog person, or both?


Image via My Adorable Cat Named Rumi

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