Rescue Goat Depressed at Losing Best Friend Gets the Best Surprise (VIDEO)

If you've got any onions handy, be prepared to blame them for the glistening tears that will attack your eyes when you see this sweet video. A 10-year-goat, named Mr. G, was rescued from a hoarder, along with his pal, a donkey named Jellybean. The two had lived together for a decade and were best friends. When they were rescued, along with other animals, from squalid conditions, they were each placed with sanctuaries -- separate ones. It was clear from the moment Mr. G went to his new home that he was not going to be happy with this arrangement. In fact, he became startlingly depressed.


Staffers at his new home, Animal Place's Rescue Ranch, said that the goat refused to eat. He also slumped in a corner, stared off into space, and wouldn't move and barely lifted his head. Staff actually had to pick him up and carry him around to make sure he didn't spend too long in one spot.

Finally they realized the truth: Mr. G was desperately depressed over the loss of his friend, Jellybean. Feeling that he would starve himself to death unless drastic action was taken, the staff decided to go get Jellybean. It would take three days to bring the donkey to the sanctuary, and they'd never had a donkey before, but they knew it was either that or watch Mr. G starve himself.

The two finally reunite. Seeing how instantly Mr. G's entire demeanor changes when he sees his friend reminds you how much animals do feel.

Isn't that amazing how he immediately began eating again -- and had to share his buddy's bowl?

We like to think animals don't have complex emotions. It gives us the detachment we need to do the horrible things we do to them. Like keep them in cramped, dark enclosures for their entire lives and then kill them. Experiment on them. Use them for food, clothing, etc.

If you don't feel all warm and fuzzy watching Mr. G and Jellybean's reunion, well then, there may be no hope for you.

Do you believe animals have feelings like we do?

Image via AnimalPlace/YouTube

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