Marine Reunited With Faithful Dog He Served With in Afghanistan (VIDEO)

U.S. Marine Deano Miller had one source of comfort that kept his spirits up during those long and difficult days and nights serving in Afghanistan: Thor -- his faithful yellow Labrador Retriever. Thor stuck by the 25-year-old's side for seven months in 2010. The canine proved so special to Miller that he has been trying to adopt him for the last four years. He was finally reunited with his pooch at a Seattle airport -- and, lucky for us, the heartwarming reunion was caught on video!


It isn't uncommon for military war dogs to form incredible bonds with their handlers. But they usually stay in war zones and move on to other "owners," while their previous handlers often return home. But Miller never forgot about Thor, even long after his return to Tacoma.

With the help of two groups that work to reunite handlers with their war dogs, Miller was able to adopt Thor and welcome him into his life in the United States. At the airport, the Marine was nervous that Thor wouldn't recognize him. But judging by his off-the-charts tail-wagging, the Lab seemed perfectly content and already comfy in his new surroundings.

Anyone with a pet, and especially a dog, knows they possess this incredible ability to heal us when we're feeling down and out or scared. I can't imagine the stress Miller dealt with while serving overseas, but it's comforting to know that he, and other members of the military, derive relief and loyal companionship from these special dogs. Who could blame Miller for becoming attached to Thor and wanting to make their relationship "official" via adoption?

Check out this sweet video that shows the moment Miller was reunited with his best bud:

Should it be easier for members of the military to adopt military war dogs?


Image via YouTube

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