6 of the Best Vegetables to Grow in Your Kitchen (PHOTOS)

Rebecca Stokes | May 22, 2014 Home & Garden
6 of the Best Vegetables to Grow in Your Kitchen (PHOTOS)

I love to garden. Unfortunately, I live in an apartment, so for the most part, I'm limited to working on my fire escape and the "extra" room I have in my kitchen. The fire escape is reserved for flowering plants -- less worry about pigeons or other undesirables going after those. But I use my kitchen for all my edibles. In fact, I've sort of redefined 'kitchen garden.' It isn't just the stuff you grow FOR your kitchen, your kitchen can become your garden.

I'm always on the hunt for sustainable vegetables and fruits I can grow in my kitchen. At this point, it's a veritable bounty of goods! My favorite things about growing stuff in my kitchen? Not only does it give me access to the ingredients literally right when I need them, but it gives me no excuse to throw away my veggie scraps. So many of them make great starter plants!

I've shared some of the easiest, tastiest, and most colorful fruits and vegetables that I've been able to cultivate in my kitchen to date. Do it yourself and have a salad you can tell a story about! How many people can say that?


What plants do you grow indoors?


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  • Lemons


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    Keep a lemon tree in a pot, and keep it in the kitchen! They'll do well with the eight hours of light and access to a stable temperature. Keep it well-watered and it will reward you with great fruit and a heavenly aroma.

  • Potatoes


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    Potatoes are EASY to grow! In fact, the next time you're preparing them and have leftover raw pieces, let them dry out on your counter, then plant them -- potatoes before you know it! Thank you, kitchen scraps!

  • Cabbage


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    Another one you grow not only in your kitchen, but FROM scraps! Take the white root of your cabbage, leave it in a bowl of water with just the bottom submerged, and place in your windowsill! Watch your cabbage bloom.

  • Tomatoes


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    I love tomatoes! The ones you grow inside won't get as big, but they will be safe from bugs and nice and juicy all the same. Keep yours near the window!

  • Carrots


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    These make for a great window-box! Make sure it's about a foot deep and plenty wet. With good drainage you'll be chomping away like rabbits before you know it.

  • Scallions


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    Another kitchen scrap! Take the ends of your scallions, put them in an inch of water, and leave them to flourish in a sunny spot in your kitchen. I use scallions constantly -- they are great to have around fresh!


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