7 Steps to Making Your Own Wedding Bouquet (PHOTOS)

Adriana Velez | May 21, 2014 Home & Garden

wedding bouqetWhether it's because you've got the ultimate vision or because you're trying to cut costs, making your own wedding bouquet is definitely something any bride can do. You may even already have a Pinterest board filled with inspiration. Putting it all together is pretty simple -- 7 steps simple, in fact. Follow our tutorial to create the wedding bouquet of your dreams. For best results, create your bouquet the morning of your wedding.

Image via Mike Brice/Flickr


  • 1. Prep Your Stems


    With a stem stripper or knife, cut off all the extra stems, leaves, thorns, and any damaged or browning petals. Then soak flowers and greens in a preservative solution (like Floralife) and keep in the solution until you're ready to use them.

    Homemade Preservative Solution via Brooklyn Botanic Gardens

    1 teaspoon sugar

    1 teaspoon household bleach

    2 teaspoons lemon or lime juice

    1 quart lukewarm water

  • 2. Build Your Base With Your Largest Blooms


    Haley Dotsun/YouTube

    Start with 3 or 4 main flowers. Gather them together as the anchor for your bouquet.

  • 3. Add Your Flowers One by One


    Haley Dotsun/YouTube

    Hold your base with one hand as you add flowers and greenery one by one, working in and around the base. See The Knot's glossary of wedding bouquets for shape ideas.

  • 4. Add Filler Flowers and Greens


    Haley Dotsun/YouTube

    When you have your tight bunch of flowers the way you like it, add in greens and "filler" flowers like Queen Anne's lace or baby's breath. You'll want to use these to fill in any gaps where you can see the stem -- and then you'll also want to make sure there's an even balance around your bouquet.

  • 5. Trim & Wrap Stems With Tape


    Haley Dotsun/YouTube

    If it's still several hours before the wedding, stop at this point, wrap your stems with wire, and keep the bouquet in cool water. Otherwise, tightly wrap floral tape around stems in a spiral from the top, stretching tight and overlapping as you go. Trim the ends under water so they're all even.

  • 6. Wrap With Ribbon


    Haley Dotsun/YouTube

    Now wrap your ribbon around the stems, pulling tight and overlapping slightly as you go. Glue to secure with a glue gun, then cut off excess ribbon. If you like, wrap with lace trim over bouquet.

  • 7. Add Embellishment Pearls


    Haley Dotsun/YouTube

    Insert embellishment pearls if you want. Make sure they're deeply embedded into stems with no wire visible. And you're done! Keep your bouquet chilling in a refrigerator until you're ready to use it.

  • DIY Wedding Bouquet


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