Mama Bear Rescues Cub in Astounding Display of Motherly Love (WATCH)

mama bear saves baby You know what they say about mama bears! Don't get between those furry, fierce protectors and their cubs or you'll have heck to pay. That goes for you too, cars-driving-down-the-road. A tornado hunter (pause to acknowledge that this dude's life is infinitely more exciting than my own) caught the amazing moment a mother bear rescued her cub from a dangerous jaunt onto the highway!

I have seen my fair share of cute animals videos. By fair share, I mean that I have probably seen them all. It takes a lot to make me gasp. This video, however, totally did. We think of bears as being big, bad, and vicious -- especially when it comes to their encounters with humans. But this mama? She is all business! You can see the concern on her face as she reaches over the barrier to pick up her bleating baby.


While her rescue is definitely a sweet and valiant one, this mama bear and her baby really lucked out. This major road crawls right through a nature preserve, so the odds are high that folks are going at a more reasonable pace, eager to catch sight of some of the wildlife that make their home there.

Can you imagine if this had happened somewhere else? The cars and the people nearby this bear cub and its mama were all sweetly accommodating, but there's no guarantee that would have happened any other place on Earth. So while it's a sweet video, it also makes it tough not to think about everything bad that could have happened in any other circumstance. Kudos to this quick-thinking mama for her stellar rescue.

Have you ever seen a bear in the wild?


Image via Greg Johnson/YouTube

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