Hero Dog Saves Veteran’s Life by Calling 911 on the iPhone (VIDEO)

There's really no way else to open this story -- dogs are man's best friend. Forgive the cliche, but when you read a story like this one, it's hard to deny. Major, a labrador/pit bull mix, literally saved his human's life when Terry McGlade, a former US Marine who suffers from PTSD and seizures after being wounded by a bomb in Afghanistan, really needed help. It turns out that Major happens to be a whiz on the iPhone. Which really came in handy when McGlade had a seizure and couldn't communicate.


Major, who is a trained rescue dog, was able to get McGlade's phone out of his pocket -- which is incredible enough. But then he pawed it over and over, activating calls to 911, which the phone was set up for if the screen was pressed. Unfortunately, because dogs can't speak (yet!), dispatchers repeatedly hung up, thinking it was a prank call.

The dog didn't give up, however, calling 911 a total of 10 times! Eventually, help was sent, and Major greeted paramedics in front of the house. He then led them to the backyard, where they found McGlade unconscious.

McGlade said:

Before I got [Major] I was actually in a really really dark spot. I was almost one of those suicide statistics. Just because the PTSD was that severe. The organization I received him from, Stiffy's Dogs, actually rescued him from a hoarder situation, and ... basically now he's an extension of me. He's brought my confidence back.

When we hear so much negative information about pit bulls, let's remember the awesome things they do too! Major is also trained to sense when McGlade will have a seizure and help him get to safety. Amazing!

It was pretty fantastic to watch Tara, the cat who rescued a little boy from an aggressive dog, throw herself at the pooch to get him off of her pal. But you probably won't hear of a cat dialing 911 any time soon. Though I guess you never know.

Has your pet ever come to your rescue?

Image via ABC6

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