15 Times It's Okay to Move Back in With Mom & Dad -- & 15 Times It's Not

familyMoving back in with our parents. It happens to the best of us. Sometimes, it's out of necessity; sometimes ... it's for all the wrong reasons (free service at Mom's Laundromat, anyone?).

We asked moms when they thought it was okay to move back in with Mom and Dad (particularly when you've got kids) and when it wasn't, and their answers, though debatable of course, are pretty hard to argue with.

Here are 15 acceptable reasons -- and 15 pretty unacceptable reasons -- for moving back in with the parents.


When it's okay to move back in with Mom and Dad:

1. When you're in the middle of getting divorced.

2. When you just lost your job.

3. If your spouse passed away.

4. When you left an abusive spouse.

5. When your aging or ill parent needs help.

6. If you've just relocated.

7. If your spouse is deployed overseas or far away.

8. If you're (really) sick.

9. If you are dealing with financial issues due to medical issues.

10. If you're waiting for your home to be built, ready, etc.

11. If you need help during your pregnancy.

12. If you need help shortly after giving birth with your new baby.

13. If one of your parents passed away.

14. If you've been evicted.

15. After high school and/or college for a bit.

When it's NOT okay to move back in with Mom and Dad:

1. When you're looking for free babysitting.

2. When you're looking for free home-cooked meals.

3. When you're looking for free laundry.

4. When you're essentially looking for a maid service.

5. When you're trying to save money ... but it's been years and years.

6. When you constantly are out late partying.

7. When you're married and it's a one-person decision; i.e., you want to, but you husband doesn't want to.

8. When you don't have a car and are looking for someone to drive you and your kids around.

9. When you tried it once, and it went horribly.

10. When your spouse and parents don't get along.

11. When you don't have the money to contribute anything at all.

12. When you don't have a job ... and aren't looking for one.

13. When there already are a million people living there already.

14. When you're looking for someone to pay for your child's clothes, after-school activities, food, etc.

15. When you're over 30 and have got no good reason at all.

Have you ever moved back in with your parents? Why or why not?


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