Store Won't Let Husbands Buy Paint Without Notes From Their Wives

Adriana Velez | May 15, 2014 Home & Garden

funny sign at hardware storeOkay married couples, what usually happens when you decide to paint a room? You both look at paint chips, tape them to the wall, discuss at length, and then one or both of you shows up at the paint store and purchases a mutually agreed-upon color. Right? I mean, that's how I always did it. But maybe there are some rogue husbands out there making unilateral paint color purchases. (HOWCOULDYOU?!?) Because someone found this hilarious sign at a hardware store reading: "Husbands MUST have a note from their wives before selecting colors."

Really, hardware store? This is the kind of world we live in, now? Couples counseling at Home Depot! You have to wonder what those wives' notes are going to look like. And for that matter, you have to wonder if other stores ought to require notes from spouses before a purchase. I'm sure that wouldn't lead to any charges of sexism at all ...


Image via Reddit

  • Note for the Hardware Store


    Not to be confused with "Cherub Feather," which we agreed looked vaguely dingy.

  • Note for the Garden Center


    Oh Dave, you really screwed up last year's annual purchase.

  • Note for the Plumbing Supply Store


    When it comes to bathroom fixtures, it's just not a good time for impulse buys.

  • Note for the Drug Store

  • Note for the Furniture Store


    William's taste is not to be trusted.

  • Note for the Grocery Store


    When speed matters more than taste.

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