Curious Cat Meets Baby for the First Time & Has a Hilarious Reaction (VIDEO)

Why dis hooman be so small? That's probably what this orange tabby cat is NOT thinking (when did it become acceptable for cats to be portrayed as thinking in misspelled and grammatically convoluted sentences?). Anyway, however the cat sounds while he's thinking -- he's definitely confused by the sudden appearance of a football-sized human in some sort of basket in the middle of the floor. Of course, no meeting between a cat and a baby can be unaccompanied by a video cam nowadays, and luckily, this first funny meeting between newborn and feline was captured for YouTube fame.


Team Cat is having an awesome week, what with possibly the greatest cat video of all time making the media rounds yesterday -- that of a cat saving the life of a little boy who was being mauled by the neighbor's lab/chow (not pit bull!). Many people wrongly believe cats are totally indifferent to their owners -- and their owners' children. But that just isn't the case.

In fact, this is how it starts. A baby comes home and a curious cat wonders what the hell this bald tiny human making chirping sounds is. Cat had no idea that humans came in such varying sizes.

And okay, it's not always love at first sight. As you can see from this cat, he looks pretty wary. Check it out:

Heh, that kitty was pretty confused. And he definitely wanted nothing to do with that kid. YET. (Something tells me they'll be napping together soon.)

Amazing that these two managed to get their viral video out of the way on the first day.

How did your pet react to your baby?

Image via lena19282/YouTube

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