Amazing Hero Cat Rescues Boy From Vicious Dog Attack (VIDEO)

cat saves boyIt's Super Cat to the rescue! Sounds like an animated series on the Cartoon Network, but an incredible feline actually DID save a small boy from a dog attack!

Roger Triantafilo's son was riding his bike outside his home in Bakersfield, Calif., when a dog ran after him, lunging at the child and pulling him to the ground. Then, out of the blue, the family's black cat jumped on the dog and chased him away.

You know what makes this SO unbelievable?

Most of the time, cats are totally aloof. They are in their own world, although they do come to us for cuddles and food when they want them. So to see a cat defend its owner this way is totally astounding. This is pet behavior usually seen in dogs, not cats. It just shows that the bond between animals and people can go beyond the stereotypes of the breed. Dogs will often protect the children of the family, and this proves that cats are capable of that too.

So does all this sound too bizarre? Check out the video -- captured on the family's surveillance cameras -- to see for yourself.

Have you ever known a cat to do something heroic like this?


Image via  Roger Triantafilo/YouTube

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cmjaz cmjaz

mom was pretty quick too

Ajack324 Ajack324

Yea, mom was right there. It's just crazy how quickly this dog ran after and attacked that poor boy. Amazing cat. I can't believe he inflicted so much injury to that poor boy so quickly. I mean, where the hell did this dog cone from?

AliPa... AliParker

I'm not a cat person, but that was amazing. I'm so glad he is ok. 

youth... youthfulsoul

This is awesome. Stupid dog. Stupid dog owner. Hooray kitty

JaiLei JaiLei

That dog was clearly NOT provoked. I hope that they find the horrible thing and put it down. It could have been much worse. 


I'm glad the boy is doing well. That's a wonderful cat! And I find this interesting since people are so quick to judge Pittbulls, and state that they attack for no reason. Well here's a perfect of what appears to be a mutt attacking for no reason. Which leads me to further believe that it's all in how you raise your dog.

mamap... mamapayneof3

I am in love with this cat. Seriously I am. I am glad the boy is ok and that the injuries were so minor. My only thing, and I can't be the only one who questions this, is why after the boy was attacked and the mother ran to help him did she run away from him for him to get up on his own? I understand if she was going to call the police but I wish she would of brought the boy with her as that dog could of still been there waiting to attack again.

lovem... lovemyson1224

@mamapayneof an article I read said the dog was coming back so she was trying to chase it. The dog then proceeded to attack her. She didn't just abandon him.

cuauh... cuauhtemocsmom

I'm just so horrified at this! Poor baby. I am not a cat person but that was his boy and I'm so glad the cat protected him.

nonmember avatar chelesname

Am I the only one who thinks that cat was a Bengal breed? F-2-3 4 0r regular Bengal? I have a 6 year old F3 Bengal who would have done that same exact thing- the Bengal breed is almost 100 percent dog like and the bond is unbreakable. Their tails fluff up like racoons when they are going to get aggressive-just like in the video. They are extraordinary.

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