Orphaned Elephant Refuses to Leave His Dead Mother's Side (VIDEO)

elephant And the hits just keep on coming. This baby bull elephant was discovered mourning the body of his dead mother. And at that, my heart broke into a million pieces. Rescuers tried to intervene, but the poor little orphan was distraught and wouldn't let anyone near him or his mother's remains. I can't with this. It's too damn sad. How did the rescuers manage through the veil of tears?!

But the story, while tragic, isn't entirely without hope. The rescuers let the baby stand watch throughout the night. The next morning, with a bigger team in place, they tranquilized him and removed him to a rescue group for other milk-dependent elephant orphans. He was badly dehydrated and probably reeling -- but the other orphaned calves surrounded him and he tentatively reach out to them! GAH! The sad! The cute! It's like a movie, only more tear-inducing because it is reaaaaal!

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The bond between this mother and her poor baby was so strong! That's incredibly clear in the video footage that was taken. While it's gut-tugging that they had to tranquilize the fella and take him away, I think his mother would be happy knowing that he'll be safe from predators who might wish him harm. Now he'll have all the time he needs to acclimate and grow up safely.

She'd be doubly happy to know that her little boy isn't going to live in a zoo forever either. The group of rescuers think nothing is more important that preparing the calf for reintegration back into the wild. In the mean time, they are just making sure he is fed, and kept healthy and strong. Hopefully his new bunk-mates will provide him some comfort. Ugh, I just want to hug the little guy! I hope he finds some happiness. His rescuers should be commended big time.

Do you think the rescuers were right to intervene?


Image via Barcroft TV/YouTube



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nonmember avatar Kimber

Yes, I think if humans can help save an animal's life (even a wild animal) we should do what we can. I'm so glad they were able to save this sweet boy!

Jlo01 Jlo01

I'm so happy this story had a happy ending . Poor momma elephant that passed away from an infection . The bond that we as mothers have with our children aren't any different then animals . They too feel love and want to raise their offsprings. I hate how poaching still exists Into today's world . I wish this little guy and all the others orphans the best . Good thing they intervened ! They saved his life . All animal life is precious !!


Sweet & sad at the same time. Thank God for those wonderful people. My heart goes out to the little guy...I felt the same way at 12 years old when my mother died--I wanted to hug her casket and never let go. ***Tears flowing now because it still hurts.***

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