5 Fabulous Ways to Decorate With Fairy Houses (PHOTOS)

Sunny Chanel | May 18, 2014 Home & Garden

fairy houseFairies have invaded our home! Yes, it's true. We have various sprites who live in different areas of our house from the backyard to the hallway to underneath my daughter's bed. While they don't cause too much chaos, they do add a whole lot of whimsy to our everyday.

My daughter loves that we embrace our household fairies. At 8 years old, my daughter is at the age where she knows that they are fictional characters, but she still loves to pretend that they are the ones who stole that missing sock or ate the last Snickerdoodle. We love the whole fairy thing so much that we are thinking of adding even more fairy-sized residences to our own. So how does one incorporate fairies into their home? Here are five ways!


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