Bear Cub Found Crying in Dead Mom's Arms Saved By Mysterious Hero (VIDEO)

bear cub rescued Get the Kleenex ready! This one is a tear-jerker. An adorable baby black bear was rescued from certain death by one anonymous, daring, hero. The baby bear, now called Tahoe, was found by this nameless kind-hearted soul on the side of the road. The poor thing was clutching his mother, who had died, and was crying endlessly. The tipster called authorities to leave the bear alone. But he just couldn't leave the bear there to die. Man, can you imagine being that decent AND that brave? 

He did something almost crazy when it came to what happened next to the poor little cub. He boxed up the tyke in a kennel with a blanket and dropped it off -- anonymously -- at the California-based Bear League. He called to follow up, and while he wouldn't give his details he said his conscience wouldn't let him leave the baby bear there all alone. I'm sorry -- is someone chopping onions in here or something?! 

Who knows why he wants to keep his identity a secret. The cynic in me believes it might be because he's responsible for harming the mother accidentally. But the rest of me just wants to believe that he doesn't think you need to shout your good deeds from the rooftops. Whatever the reasoning, what matters is the action he took. He saved that bear

The folks at the Bear League have named him Tahoe and are helping him grow safely. They have no plans of keeping him inside indefinitely. In fact, they are working towards a one year goal of re-releasing him back into the wild. I know we're so often discouraged from getting in between things that happen in the wild. We're supposed to let mother nature run its course. But this seems like one of those rare times when man's involvement was the only solution, and it's all to the betterment of one, poor cub who now has a whole human family rooting for him. 

Why do you think this rescuer chose to stay anonymous?


Image via BarCroft TV/YouTube



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nonmember avatar Misty

Sometimes maybe we're not meant to just let 'mother nature take place'. Maybe we're put into these situations to show just a random act of kindness. God's will.

Rita Curry

He did a great thing and just didn't want to be known. Way to go mystery man.

elk571 elk571

Probably bc if he did, some jack@$$ would try to have him arrested for going against their orders and 'tampering' w/ the bears...way to go dude, whoever u r!

nonmember avatar Victoria

More then likely the rescuer doesn't want to be find for doing a good deed by helping this little cub survive to maturity instead of letting it die along with it's mother.

nonmember avatar Adrien

So if a woman dies hours after giving birth, are we supposed to let her infant starve to death since his mother is dead? Let nature take its course? Care for all of God's creatures, I say. Way to go, anonymous guy. Did you guys see that video of the dolphins swimming in a protective circle around that swimmer a few weeks ago? Apparently there was a giant shark nearby and they were protecting him. So other animals have the urge to help those that are not of their species too. I think that is just the sweetest most awesome thing.

tbruc... tbrucemom

There are rules about interacting with endangered animals, maybe this bear is one of those and that's why he was anonymous. I don't have a problem with what he did, but don't think for a minute that cub couldn't have injured him, look at those claws!

Crazy... CrazyAmy416

I live in an area of Florida that is heavily populated with Black Bears and the reason he wanted to stay anonymous is because it is against the law to "molest" the bears because they are a protected but not endangered species.  And by definition, molesting means any form of contact with the bears, even putting a water dish out for them.  You can even be fined for molesting them if your bird feeders are hung within reach of the bears.  And yes, I realize that this happened in California and not Florida, but I am willing to bet that the laws are relatively the same.

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