5 Wonderful Things I Want & 5 Things I'm Buying Instead Because I'm a Grown-Up

Adriana Velez | May 12, 2014 Home & Garden

wanted boughtI keep a list of stuff I want to buy ... eventually. I keep adding items to it, and it never seems to get any shorter. Why? Because of a competing list: Stuff I have to buy. You know what I'm talking about: Home repairs, summer camp, baby's new shoes. All that stuff responsible grown-ups have to take care of. Derr! STUPID RESPONSIBLE ADULTHOOD RUINING ALL MY FUN. Sometimes those necessities are so boring. I don't mean to complain, but -- oh what the hell. I'm going to complain.

  • Wanted: A Vacation in Greece


    A week soaking up the sun in Greece or ...

  • Bought Instead; Air Conditioner


    But I chose instead to make the entire summer more comfortable for us all.

  • Wanted: Sexy Sandals


    I had every intention of buying a pair of these ...

  • Bought Instead: Kids' Sneakers


    Except my son needed new running shoes.

  • Wanted: Overpriced Luxury Candles That Smell Amazing


    I have been obsessed with these incredible-smelling $85 Cire Trudon candles ever since I came across their shop. But it is not to be, for I have to pay for this instead.

  • Bought Instead: School Retreat


    I'm busy paying for things like this amazing retreat my son goes on with his school every spring. Worth every penny! But I miss those pennies.

  • Wanted: Beyoncé Tickets



    Who doesn't want to see Beyoncé in concert?

  • Bought Instead: Guitar


    The boy wants to learn how to play guitar. I guess I'll have to settle for his recital instead. I'll enjoy that more, right?

  • Wanted: Electrolysis



    I have a dream, and that dream is to zap away all my body hair once and for all. It's not a lofty or noble dream, but it's mine. And it's deferred indefinitely, because instead of that, I've got to save up for ...

  • Buying Instead: New Laptop


    Jeff Geerling/Flickr

    The family laptop is on its way out. At this point it reminds me of the Enterprise towards the end of Star Trek Into Darkness. We hear gears squeaking every time we operate it. I swear, I can see smoking coming from the screen. You get the picture: I'm going to have to replace it soon. Cha-ching!

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